939 Picture Elements
multichannel video installation | 3 frameless 1080p monitors, wooden box with computer, video cables, power cords.
dimensions: variable (currently 360x70cm) | video: 5760x1080px, Loop [9:02], no sound, 2014-2016

When I hear about different hypotheses concerning the structure of the universe, I try to grasp what the mechanisms behind the process of understanding such mental constructions are since they have no obvious analogues in the surrounding world. Where is the level of simplification, primitivization and generalization by which these princples can be adequately communicated?
I remember when I was a kid, trying with great difficulty, to visualize in my mind the concept of Infinity. Even now, when I try to explain to myself that the world consists of a set of elementary particles, sometimes I imagine it as a large container of sand and that I consist of the same sand particles as all the other things around me do.
Where is the actual border between oneself and and everything else?
To a large extent this work deals with notions of utopia and absurdity. It's my attempt to explore the structural patterns we use to make sense of the world around us.
While at the same time realizing that the attempt to analyze these principles is an investigation into the ambiguity of failure in the pursuit of aesthetics and knowledge.

939 Picture Elements at IZOLYATSIA
Installation view (three channels version) IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives, Kyiv, UA.
939 Picture Elements 3 monitors
939 Picture Elements at Total Recall exhibition
939 Picture Elements at Total Recall exhibition
Installation view (single screen version) at Punt WG, Amsterdam.
939 Picture Elements